Farm in a Box

June 27 — October 12, 2024

At Andersen Farms, our focus is on supporting local farming. Our CSA, or as we like to call it, Farm in a Box, is literally just that... we put our farm in a box for you to take home and try a little bit of everything we have to offer.

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New Additions in 2024

It could be a free coffee from our new coffee bar, a free tiny cup of ice cream or more!

Quick, easy, healthy recipe cards and fun, informative facts about fruits, veggies and farming!

How it Works

Our program not only gives you a taste of what we grow, but you will also enjoy locally grown, specialty produced products that we would love for you to try. This gives you a wide variety of produce and foods that you will receive in your box each week!

Farm in a Box runs for 16 weeks from June to October. Customers can choose for a 8-week package in the first or second half of the season OR a complete 16-week package.

We offer boxes for both families and businesses at different sizes. Each week, a recipe or a "How-To" note from the farmer's wife is included in the box. We encourage you to try new recipes and different cooking and preserving techniques with the food you receive in your box. Let us know if you like it!

Choose a Box

Personal Box

Farm-fresh fruits and veggies for one individual
($30 per week)

Small Box

Up to 12 lbs of produce for a happy family of 2 to 4
($40 per week)

Classic Box

Feed your family of 4 to 6 with up to 25 lbs of local produce
($50 per week)

Small Business Box

The business boxes include snackable foods like berries, granola and salad fixins — all delicious ingredients that can be easily enjoyed at work.

Big Business Box

A great option for a large staff of people. You can also share this box with a different department in your organization each week.

Gift Box

Want to gift Farm in a Box? We have two sizes available to gift to families, friends and businesses. Send them this great bundle of fresh, in-season fruit & veggies, our farm store snacks and baked goods!


(5-10 people)


(20-30 people)